25 February, 2014

Child Dental Benefits Schedule Brisbane

  • Child Dental Benefits Schedule Brisbane or CDBS Brisbane is a financial assistance program for basic dental services. It is a program designed to aid kids who need dental care aged 2 to 17 years old.
  • To be able to apply to CDBS Brisbane one must fit the age requirement, has a family member receiving Australian government benefits, and qualified for Medicare.
  • Assessment if a person is qualified begins at the start of every year and may last a year before results are given.
  • One must completely satisfy the requirements: age requirement, receiving Australian government benefits, or qualified for Medicare.
  • Every person who qualifies for CDBS Brisbane will receive certain benefits.
  • Every two years, a child would receive $1,000 for dental services including oral examinations, x-rays, cleaning, pit and fissure sealants, dental restorations or fillings, root canal treatments and tooth extractions.
  • Excluded treatments are orthodontic treatment, cosmetic dental treatment, and any other dental treatments provided at a hospital.
  • It is simple to acquire these dental services.
  • Make an appointment with your dentist and inform them that you are a qualified for CDBS Brisbane.
  • During the dental appointment, the dentist will explain the procedures and treatments to be done as well as additional charges. Once you agree to the treatment, a consent form will be signed.
  • Once the consent form has been signed and agreed upon, treatment will be done. After the treatment, the dentist would give you either a bulk bill or charge you. Bulk bills are simple; there is no need to submit a claim. However, if the dentist charges you, reimbursement will be done. You would first pay for the bill then claim the benefits later.

If you are interested to apply or already part of CDBS Brisbane and have questions, do not hesitate to call Medicare general enquiries line at 132011 or visit my.gov.au.