25 February, 2014

How Often Should I Visit The Dentist?

  • You have often heard of people advising you to have regular dental visits. You may have wondered why the need for such and what does regular mean. Most advise regular dental check-ups done every six months or twice a year although this would vary per person.
  • Here at Forest Lake Dentist we highly encourage you to have regular dental visits and check-ups as needed. We promote individualized treatment plans per patient. Not all patients would require the same time to have their dental visits. Some would be sooner than others, while a few would take up to six months interval between dental visits. The difference in intervals lies with the oral hygiene, medical status and social habits of the person.
  • Forest Lake Dentist would advise people with a higher risk of developing dental disease would require more dental visits. These patient are those who smoke, drink alcohol, have diabetes, are pregnant, have a weak immune system or immunocompromised, have poor oral hygiene, and with periodontal and other gum diseases. This group of people are advised to have dental check-ups every three months. For individuals who are otherwise healthy would require dental check-ups at a six month interval.
  • It is to remember that the interval period could be increased or decreased depending on your compliance, social habits and medical status. If a female patient becomes pregnant there is a need to increase the dental visits. But once she has delivered the baby, check-ups could be done every six months.
  • Forest Lake Dentist aims to have dental check-ups as curative and preventive measures. It is curative because during these dental check-ups necessary treatment could be performed. An example of a curative measure would be tooth restoration for teeth that have cavities. It is preventive because it arrests the development of any dental diseases. An example would be cleaning; cleaning the tooth surfaces could prevent the development of gum problems.
  • In addition to being curative and preventive, regular dental check-ups are done to diagnose serious diseases such as oral cancer. It is always better to treat the disease as early as possible to prevent any serious diseases.
  • Furthermore, Forest Lake Dentist performs treatments that only they licenced and qualified dentist could perform. For example tooth cleaning, you could brush your teeth three times a day and feel and think that your gums are healthy; however, the reality is that there are certain areas in which you would not be able to reach or would have difficulty in reaching and cleaning. It is the dentist job to assist you in cleaning those areas.
  • Contact Forest Lake Dentist to determine whether you are a high risk individual and how often should you see the dentist.