25 February, 2014

Dr Vishnu Sivakumar

Dental Crowns Toowoomba

  • There has been an increase in concern among people regarding their tooth’s aesthetics and function.
  • People now want something permanent at the same time, durable and pleasing to the eyes.  To answer these demands, dental crowns have been promoted and advocated.  Dental crowns are fixed dental prosthesis that covers the whole tooth.  It could be placed on an implant, single tooth or a bridge to protect a once damaged tooth, restore a damaged tooth, or replace one or more missing teeth therefore restoring oral functions such as chewing, biting, and speech.
  • Here at our dental practice in Toowoomba we offer nothing but the best when it comes to dental crowns.  Dental are an accepted treatment option because it offers restoring oral function and patient comfort, convenience, aesthetics and durability.  Dental crowns satisfactorily restore oral function such as chewing and biting especially on patients with a lot of tooth loss.  Restoring and protecting the once damaged tooth or replacing missing teeth helps in maintaining and preserving oral functions.  Dental crowns made at Southside Family Dental Toowoomba are comfortable and convenient because it is a fixed prosthesis and can not be dislodged during normal function. Furthermore, it’s contoured and well blended into the oral cavity; giving a natural feel.
  • At Southside Family Dental we ensure that proper and natural contours of the tooth are done to make it look and appear pleasing.  Aside from the contours, it is assured that the tooth’s shade and shape mimic adjacent teeth.  In terms of durability, dental crowns made at Southside Family Dental Toowoomba are created from the finest materials.  Dental crowns are either porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, and other high grade ceramics and all made in Australia.
  • Dental crowns at Southside Family Dental Toowoomba could last a lifetime as long as you take good care of it by proper oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups.