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  • Our reputation in the dental industry is built on trust and distinction. We have gained this standing through exceeding the expectations of our patients in their dental treatments. From the instant you walk into our Toowoomba dental practice, you will notice a difference. You could even think you’ve walked into the wrong place!  Our “outside of the box” design breaks all the rules when it comes to dentistry, and you will feel more like you have walked into a spa. Our waiting room with its low lighting, aromatherapy oils, and candles offers a relaxed lounge atmosphere. With our centralised location in Toowoomba, you can drop by before, during or even after work for your appointment.
  • If you require orthodontic treatment, or perhaps a cosmetic dentistry in the Toowoomba area, then CALL US TODAY.
  • Our Toowoomba team are dedicated to each and every patient. They ensure each patient feels relaxed, and comfortable and has everything they need during their appointment. We promise that you will have an enjoyable visit to the dentist!  We are candid about our treatments and their associated cost, which is borne out through our open communication policy. Patients will never have to concern themselves with any hidden costs. A significant number of our patients arrive at our practice early so that they can read the latest magazines and papers we provide in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • We at Southside Family Dental Practice have been servicing many patients within our local community and throughout Queensland. We are delighted to offer all our patients a relaxed, soothing and friendly environment for all their dental treatments. Then contact us NOW at our Toowoomba practice, make an appointment, and become one of our valued patients.
  • Southside Family Dental services Toowoomba and provides dental services for all surrounding regions including:

Ballard, Birnam, Blue Mountain Heights, Cabarlah, Centenary Heights, Charlton,Cotswold Hills, Cranley, Darling Heights, Drayton, East Toowoomba, Finnie, Glenvale, Harlaxton, Harristown, Highfields, Hodgson Vale, Kearneys Spring, Middle Ridge, Mount Kynoch, Mount Lofty, Mount Rascal, Newtown, North Toowoomba, Preston, Prince Henry Heights, Rangeville, Redwood, Rockville, South Toowoomba, Spring Bluff, Toowoomba City, Top Camp, Torrington, Vale View, Wellcamp, Wilsonton Heights and Wilsonton

Contact Details

  • (07) 4635 1444
  • Ridge Shopping Centre
    445-455 Hume Street, Toowoomba, 4350