Generally speaking, teeth are robust, but they can still be prone to cracking, breaking or fracturing.

Occasionally, a tooth fracture can be pain-free, however, if the crack lengthens into the root, it is highly probable that you will be in extreme pain.

Cracks, breaks, and fractures come in different forms but are caused mainly from grinding, biting and trauma. Continue a liquid or soft-style diet, and also keep away from the infected area, any food or other substances.

Maintain the pain management recommendations made by your dentist up until your appointment date – recommendations may include prescribed antibiotics/painkillers or anti-inflammatory medication.

Important facts

  • NEVER use glue of any kind to fix the tooth or crown back to your tooth!
  • A broken tooth, not just a chipped one, is where you can visibly see dark, white and red parts of the tooth.
  •  It is probable that you will be experiencing mild to severe pain.
  • If broken teeth are left untreated the pain level can elevate and they can become swollen and infected and will require emergency medical treatment.
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