The Inman aligner is a revolutionary way to create beautiful smiles in a matter of weeks!  It is fast, low risk and is a straightforward way to correct crowding, rotation and spacing of front teeth. In fact most cases can be completed within 6-18 weeks, which is significantly faster than traditional orthodontic treatment.  At Southside Family Dental, we have certified dentist's who can provide this quick and easy procedure for you.

Important facts

  • The Inman aligner may be an excellent choice if the cost and the length of treatment kept you away from orthodontics in the past
  • Inman aligners can correct mild to moderate crowding of front teeth
  • The Inman aligner is a highly effective system which uses a clear plastic retainer and Ni-Ti springs that gently but efficiently guides the front teeth into an ideal position.
  • Inman aligners are removable so day to day activities like eating and brushing can continue as per normal
  • Inman aligners can be used to pre-align teeth for cosmetic procedure such as veneers and whitening
  • Relapse from previous orthodontic treatment can also be treated with Inman aligners

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