Conventional braces are often used as a solution to misaligned and crooked teeth. Braces are a familiar treatment that has been around for many years and offers effective results within just a few years.

At Southside Dental Group, we can use braces as a treatment option for issues with alignment of teeth, although we do understand the cosmetic disadvantages of using metal braces. Therefore a quick chat with your dentist will help to establish if braces are the right treatment for you, or if there is another treatment which may be more suitable.

We do offer other dental treatments for children and adults who are interested in straightening their teeth, so if you do have concerns you can feel free to discuss these with our dentists.

Why should I get braces?

Usually, the most common reason behind people getting braces is because their teeth are out of alignment. Where many people think that braces are something for teenagers, plenty of adults also get braces to straighten their teeth. As long as you have healthy teeth and gums, you can enjoy the benefits of braces.

One of the most important things that you need to think about when considering braces is the health of your gums and jaw bones. If you already have unhealthy gums and bones, the act of putting pressure on them can cause complications.

While a straight smile is a lovely thing to have, there’s another reason to get braces as well – and that is your bite. Our orthodontic team will consult with you – whether you are after braces for adults or braces for children – and will evaluate how straight your teeth will look at if they meet properly, and will explore options for you if your jaw hurts or clicks. They’ll assess your bite and work out whether braces are the right solution for your dental needs. For braces Brisbane, our team are the best choice.

Wondering about how much braces cost? Find this information and more

Who can get braces?

As we mentioned previously, braces are suitable for anyone who has healthy teeth and gums. For kids, the best age for them to get braces is between the ages of 10 and 14 when their mouth and head are still growing and when their permanent teeth are coming in. The exact time will depend on the child and how quickly their adult teeth come in. Braces are still highly effective for older kids and adults too.

If you’re wondering if braces are for you, speak to our team today and discover the solution for your teeth alignment needs.

Important facts about braces

Braces help to make subtle modifications to the alignment of the teeth through the application of small amounts of pressure over a period.
When modifications are made to the amount of pressure on the teeth, there can be a small amount of discomfort, although this is normal and will subside.
Braces can come in a variety of types and colours and once you have seen your dentist, they can establish which of these are best for you.
Some people may be hesitant to get braces for cosmetic reasons. In this case, we also have a registered Invisalign provider, which is another option you can discuss with your dentist. We can speak to you about the total braces cost and compare this to the alternatives if required.

What are some effects of wearing braces?

The biggest effect involved with wearing braces is usually deteriorating oral hygiene. Because of the brackets and wires on the teeth, oral hygiene does become more difficult – although no less important. It is essential that brushing and flossing are still done regularly to ensure any food is dislodged from the braces and the teeth are properly cleaned.

Your dentist at Southside Dental Group will be able to go through some techniques with you to ensure you maintain your oral hygiene. Other effects can include some pain or discomfort initially as the teeth start to move, although this is not permanent.

What are some complications or issues when wearing braces?

There are a few issues which can arise when wearing braces. This includes irritating wires which can cause pain and discomfort for your teeth, gums and lips. Brackets or bands can also become loose which can negatively impact the effectiveness of the braces.

Any lost separators or spacers, as well as loose colour or stainless steel ties, will require an appointment with your dentist to ensure your braces are still working effectively.

Are there any foods I need to avoid when wearing my braces?

Braces are attached to the teeth with an adhesive and are designed to be worn while eating, however, there are some foods that can dislodge the braces or bend or break the wires. These foods are any hard food such as nuts, hard candy and chewing ice, among many others. Other chewy foods can also cause damage by bending the braces wires.

Can my teeth move back out of alignment after my treatment?

Teeth do tend to move, whether they have received orthodontic treatment or not. To prevent teeth moving back out of place after treatment has finished, you are encouraged to wear your retainers consistently.

How much are braces?

When looking at the cost of braces, we consider the level of alignment that needs to be done and investigate the total braces cost for you.

At Southside Dental Group Brisbane braces start at $6000.

Why Southside Dental Group?

We’re a dedicated team of dental and orthodontic professionals who work with you to deliver the best solution for your teeth. Whether you need braces as part of your orthodontics plan, or if another solution like Inman Aligners or Invisalign are right for you – we can help you to find the best option.

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