Valentines Day Brisbane 2020 – Dentist Tips

Valentines Day Brisbane Dental Humour

For all you lovebirds out there, before you pucker up this Valentine’s Day, here are a few little tips and facts you might be interested to know!


Cavities can be transmitted from one person to another

Cavities are caused by bacteria, one of the most common being mutans streptococcus, which can be transferred through saliva. So be wary, cavities are contagious!

Viruses can be transmitted through kissing

Illnesses caused by viruses that can be transmitted during kissing include: Colds, glandular fever, herpes infection, Hepatitis B and warts. Not exactly the news most want to hear prior to Valentine’s Day, but better to be safe than sorry right!


Be wary of illnesses

If yourself or the other person is sick, avoid kissing. Additionally, if you or the other person has an active cold sore, warts or ulcers around the lips or in the mouth, save the kiss for another date night.

Floss in the name of love!

We cannot stress enough the importance of flossing on the daily, but especially this Valentines Day. No matter how fabulous you may look and feel, no one can look past that piece of spinach caught between your teeth #majorturnoff .

  1. Floss before your date
  2. Take a packet of Piksters or floss in your purse/pocket
  3. Make a quick visit to the bathroom during to ensure your teeth are looking in top shape!
H20 is the way to go

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Not only because it Summer, but also because doing so will help keep odour at bay, as it helps wash away food particles and bacteria – the primary cause of bad breath.

Furthermore, unlike the rest of your skin, lips tend to dry out and flake easily as they do not contain oil glands. So drink up to keep your lips from drying out, and avoid licking your lips which also depletes moisture.

Sugar Free Gum and Mints

Dental Humour Valentines Day

Keep gum or mints on hand, however make sure they are the sugar-free kind, for example ones that use xylitol as a sweetener. Sugar feeds bad-smelling bacteria, hence should be avoided. Xylitol on the other hand is sweet similar to sugar, but oral bacteria can’t feed on it, leaving your mouth fresh and kissable.

Exfoliate and hydrate your lips

There are some great lip scrubs on the market including the range from Lush and the Frank Body Lip Scrub . If you’re pressed for time though, a great hack is using a soft wet tooth brush to gently exfoliate your lips.

Don’t forget to Smile 😀

Often we spend an extensive amount of time and money on our outfit, hair and makeup for the night.  Studies however show a smile which is free (#lovedontcostathing), can be a powerful display of emotion and be remarkably attractive to your partner. So walk in to your date armed with the confidence of knowing that your smile may set the tone for the night!

In short, take precaution if you or your partner is unwell, come prepared with floss and gum, but most importantly remember to have a Happy Valentine’s Day!



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